Niagara Falls Illumination

Jul 28, 2022 | What's Going on in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of those magical places that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It’s arguably the most famous waterfall on the planet, and as such, there are a wide variety of tours and different ways to experience the grandeur of the falls.

For example, there’s the Maid of the Mist tour that’ll get you up close and personal with both the Canadian and American sides of the falls while enjoying a thrilling boat ride. When you book a package with Over the Falls Tours, you’ll also adventure through the Cave of the Winds and experience the beauty of the falls from above atop the Skylon Tower as you take in the panoramic views of the surrounding area. Taking 6-7 hours in total, it’s a full-day experience. Before wrapping up your day at the falls, view the falls at night as it is lit up. The illumination of Niagara Falls is a view you won’t forget! The lights on the falls create a breathtaking multi-colored masterpiece!

If you want to experience the falls like a VIP, then consider booking a private tour from Over the Falls. You’ll have your own licensed, professional, and knowledgeable tour guide accompany you and drive you around the area in a luxury vehicle that can pick you up from your hotel and drop you off after your day of seeing everything there is to see on both the Canadian and American side of the falls. A tour package from us will also include a visit to the Cave of the Winds and the Skylon Tower, making it a private and exclusive experience you’ll never forget!

Planning your trip to the falls in the winter?

Niagara Falls is just as awe-inspiring when snow and ice surround the 3,160 tons of water that flow over the falls every second. A Winter Wonderland USA Tour from Over the Falls will take you to all the best views from places like Niagara Falls State Park and the American Observation Tower. You’ll also see sights like the Niagara River Gorge, New York State Power Station, and many more. While we no longer offer Niagara Falls Illumination tours, we do recommend staying after your tour and walking around the observation deck to view the illumination tours that happen at night.

Seeing the falls lit up in different colors during the Niagara Falls illumination is quite the sight to behold, but so is seeing it in the winter!

Check out all our other Niagara Falls tours today to find the one that’s best for your trip!

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