Can You Visit Niagara Falls without a Passport?

Jun 16, 2022 | What's Going on in Niagara Falls

Thousands of people travel to Niagara Falls each year to witness the natural marvel of this lovely city. Visiting Niagara Falls is an amazing experience that gives you an appreciation for nature’s power and beauty. What makes Niagara Falls so fascinating is the tremendous amount of water that flows over the three main waterfalls: the American Falls, Horseshoe Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls.

Niagara Falls is also home to numerous tourist attractions, including indoor water parks, historical monuments, observation towers, theaters, souvenir stores, casinos, museums, and more. With the city’s proximity to the American and Canadian border, you may be wondering if you require a passport to visit.

Do You Need a Passport to Enter Niagara Falls?

The answer could be both yes and no, depending on various factors. For example, if you’re a U.S. citizen traveling by land, you will need a passport to cross the border from America to Canada. But if you’re an American citizen visiting the U.S. side of the city, you will not need a passport for attractions on this side. U.S. Citizens with an enhanced driver’s license do not need a passport for entry. These licenses are available only for residents of NY, MI, VT & WA.

Those traveling with children under the age of 15 may also carry a passport, but it’s not mandatory. Instead, they should provide the appropriate identification documents, such as a valid copy of the American birth certificate. You are also advised to travel with your child, regardless of age, to avoid confusion. This is particularly important when traveling in a large group or using more than one car.

How Do You Cross the Border to View the Other Side of the Falls?

If you’re on the U.S. side and want to cross over to the Canadian side of Niagara, it’s advisable to do so using either the Rainbow Bridge or the Queenston/Lewiston Bridge. These points can be accessed by vehicle and foot.

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